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Wade Million is a photographer originally from Houston, Texas. A childhood spent reading National Geographic, watching nature documentaries and camping first ignited his passion for travel and capturing imagery. While completing his undergraduate degree in Communications Media, Wade took several courses in photography and electronic imaging and eventually landed a job in Marketing, where he managed the print and email campaigns for a mid size company. Several years later, a mild quarter life crisis and growing desire to travel the globe eventually led him to take the plunge and leave everything behind.

Since then, Wade has built a portfolio dedicated to showcasing inspiring cultural, wildlife, landscape and travel images from all around the world. To make ends meet while on the road, he has been commissioned to photograph and market various events and establishments, weddings, fundraising parties and conservation and sustainable living organizations.

He has had images published and featured with several well known companies, including National Geographic and the Australian Red Cross.

Awards and Publications:

PDN Magazine – Animal Portraits: September 2015

PDN Faces Portrait Competition – Animal Portraits Winner’s Gallery: August 2015

Australian Red Cross – Respect Newsletter: July 2015

National Geographic – Daily Dozen: September 30, 2014


Melbourne Arts Club Gallery – Australian Bush Series: October 2015